Lee Production

Michigan Based Film Company


We Are INTERESTED IN ACQUIRING Finished Feature Length Films, Television Series, reality Shows, Dramas, Action, Comedy, Latino, Horror , Christian Genres And Music Videos. To submit a finished film for acquisition consideration: Download and Complete the following form - Send this signed release form PDF document

Producing Films for Screenplay Writers

Now that we have developed and produced over 20 feature films, documentaries, and TV pilots. We are able to produce films for selected screenplay writers with funding for production. If we believe the script has the potential to be selected by a network distributor, the writer will need a budget of $10,000 or more to get started, and we will provide a well-known actor or artist.

The writer will also join us as one of the Executive Producers, and receive 25% of the first monies out for their investment.

The process starts with an evaluation of the script. This evaluation is done by a professional evaluator, who will note any problems in the script, and make recommendations for changes. If there is a mutual agreement between the scriptwriter and Lee Production, we will produce the film based on the proposed budget.

The scriptwriter will be kept informed of the progress during pre-production, production, post, and distribution.

Sponsorship & Product Placement

We have opportunities for three sponsors and five product placements in each of our films.

All sponsors or product placements will be related to subject of the film project, though we can include two sponsors with a different type of product or service at the end.

Sponsors will also receive credit as Associate Producers. They will also be included in our national publicity and receive a 60-90 second clip they can use on their website as PR materials – worth the cost of a sponsorship alone.

Companies arranging for a product placement will receive a clip of the scene, or scenes in which their product is featured.